Rudy’s Rock

  • Rudy’s Rock (Southeast Wall)

    Rudy’s Rock

    Rudy’s Rock is nestled at one of the many cluster dive points within the southeast region of Balicasag Island, Bohol. Along with Black Forest, Rico’s Wall, Cathedral, and Puntod, Rudy’s Rock is a progeny which belongs to a family of amazing dive spots in the vicinity of Balicasag Island, the main island. It is about 12 kilometers from Belleview Rock Resort around 30 minutes transfer via motorized boat.

    Rudy’s Rock is in fact another splendid wall rock formation which is good for snorkeling. This dive spot is ideal for PADI Open Water Divers or higher and splendid sites are visible straight away at a depth of around 15 meters.

    Begin the dive with the wall to the left shoulder heading the exit point coming from Black Forest, or perhaps wall to the right shoulder heading to the resort.

    There is a diversity of soft and hard corals unfold from corner to corner which has appealing cracks and crevices which go deep into another Rudy’s Wall marine world. There are sporadic big eye trevallies drifting beyond in groups or swimming in large circles making flurries similar to underwater whirlwinds. Midnight snappers are also spotted here together with sweetlip fishes.

    Diving at Rudy’s Wall is referred to as intermediate and entails less risk. The site’s landmark is a huge rock that has a marker stick on top perceptible from the lower waters away from the Balicasag beach. Some would say that Rudy’s Wall is in fact a section of Rico’s Wall given that their underwater rock structures are connected. Among the captivating sites, divers could spot lots of green turtles swimming around on the surface.

    Dive Experience Level: Intermediate-Experienced
    Kind of Dive Site: Drop-off Wall
    Visibility: 12 meters to 20 meters
    Average Depth: 15 meters
    Maximum Depth: 35 meters
    Current: Moderate-Strong
    Getting There: Air travel to Cebu and fast ferryboat to Tagbilaran. From Tagbilaran to dive site may take 1 hour either via sea transfer or road.
    Accommodation: Liveaboards or various beach resorts