• Napaling


    Bohol is a famous place in the Philippines where anyone can experience such a great dive. It is consisted of the finest dive sites in the Philippines which make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

    One of Bohol’s prides is Napaling dive site that is specifically located in Tangnan, Panglao Island. It is one dive site you should really not miss for it is absolutely worth visiting. You will be rejuvenated by its crystal clear blue waters, refreshing ambience and interesting sea life.

    Here you’ll find a sloped wall that is rich in colorful soft corals, sponges, crinoids, nudibranches, sea stars, sea cucumbers and flatworms. You can also explore some overhangs and caves where you will see groups of squirrelfish, soldierfish, tunas, jacks, fusiliers, rainbow runners, coral touts, and also Tubastrea corals.

    Napaling also has a rich coral garden at the shallow shelf from 10 to 23 feet deep. This is great for snorkeling and macro underwater photography. Here is a very large Acropora table coral, pillar and leathery corals that serve as homes of numerous anthias, chromis, razorfish, butterflyfish, clownfish and damselfish.

    You can get here by riding a jeepney, car, van, or other types of land vehicle from Alona Beach. If you want a faster access, you can also get here by a boat.