Duljo Point

  • Duljo Point

    Duljo Point

    Duljo Point is another great dive site located in the southwest point of the beautiful and rich island of Panglao. It is famous for giving an excellent drift diving experience to anyone who takes risk to try it.

    The drift dive takes you down to the sandy slope with marvelous coral heads at about 36 feet. It then drops off to a wall at 36 feet. The wall is perfectly coated with large gorgonian sea fans, elephant ear sponges, basket sponges, barrel sponges, hydroids, soft corals and colorful crinoids.

    During the usual strong current, your dive can be fierce yet exciting due to the captivating scenes of marine action plus the marvelous pelagic species. Here you’ll find huge numbers of fusiliers, jacks, surgeonfish, triggerfish, razorfish, catfish, rabbitfish, squid, batfish, butterfly fish, angelfish, pufferfish, anthias, damselfish, chromis, wrasse, snappers, groupers, moray eels, lionfish, scorpionfish, stingrays, Napoleon wrasse, white tip or grey reef shark.

    In the shallow portions, you will see shoals of goatfish, starfish, lizardfish, fromia sea stars, linchia choriaster, nodular starfish, pin cushion stars, nudibranches, and clownfish.
    The average depth is 65 feet and the maximum is 115 feet. Visibility is up to 130 feet.

    You can easily get in this site by a banca from Alona Beach to the western tip which is Duljo Point.