Cevera Shoal

  • Cevera Shoal

    Cevera Shoal

    Cervera Shoal is another diving sanctuary in the rich and famous province of Bohol. Specifically, the site is located at about 646 km from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and at approximately 17 km away from Tagbilaran, the port along the southern islet of Bohol province.

    Cervera Shoal is also known for some names such as the Snake Island, Monad Shoal, Spaghetti Reef and Sunken Island. It is often called as the Snake Island because of its abundant sea snakes in the diving area. There were hundreds of sea snakes found by the divers during 1980’s. It was really a breathtaking site then.

    Now, the number of snakes is decreased due to the over-harvesting of local fishermen. They make use of these snakes to earn money, selling them at only 20 pesos each at the local town market.
    Nevertheless, the site is still rewarded for the sightings of sea snakes in the area. Along with the sea snakes are a few corals that were many before. The reduction of corals was due to the rampant dynamite fishing in the shoal.

    Despite that, divers can still enjoy their dive here because the site is still rich in fish action. They will get the chance to have an extreme diving experience due to the usual strong currents of the site’s water. Plus, there are still lots to catch up in the site such as the slope edge found at about a hundred feet where there are numerous sea snakes sighted. There is also a steep vertical wall on the southwest side of the shoal.

    Marine life includes small colorful reef fish, nudibranches, starry moray eels, the famous black and white banded sea snakes and many more!