Black Forest

  • Black Forest (Northeast Slope)

    Black Forest

    There’s nowhere else to find a total world of marine landscapes of black corals compare to Black Forest’s spotless waters, a fascinating dive destination from the Balicasag Island coast to the south of Bohol’s Panglao Island.

    This dive site is one of the few world class dive destinations bunched in the environs of Balicasag Island together with Rudy’s Rock, Rico’s Wall, and Puntod Wall within the waters of secluded Puntod Island. On the contrary, Black Forest is unique among other dive sites due to its propagation of incredible black corals even in low water. Black Forest offers a splendid view of this astounding black coral occurrence at only 30 meters interesting depth.

    Normally, black corals are timid deep sea boulder formations which flourish several 50 meters down below. The low water growth is somewhat ascribed towards the cooler seawater which stream beyond the area. The rise rolls down little by little towards a white sand bottom at a 40 meters interesting depth. The entire scenery is simply magnificent.

    Begin the dive with low portion right shoulder, heading south. There can be seen several coral heads within the shallow portion and a black coral forest at about 35 meters to 45 meters. Typically the dive begins next to the current. Stay shallow beyond the sandy bottom and then after twenty minutes, the current will gradually vary so drift diving can be done at the second portion.

    The panorama could possibly sometimes be misleadingly striking because prowling behind the hazy coral beds are dominant sporadic underwater currents which could possibly drag a first-time diver easily. The dive spot could be shallow, however be cautious always.
    Apart from black corals in Black Forest, the site allows as well easy viewing of several anthias such as tuna, wrasse, batfish, snappers, barracuda, squirrel fishes, parrotfish, scorpion fishes, damsel fishes, anemone fishes, rockcods groupers, and trigger fishes that are aggressive between May and July.

    Dive Experience: Intermediate-Expert
    Kind of Dive Site: Steep Slope (thus not advisable for snorkeling because it is too deep)
    Average Visibility: 15 meters – 30 meters
    Average Depth: 15 meters – 40 meters
    Current: Moderate-Strong
    Ideal for: PADI Open Water Divers or higher
    Getting There: Air travel to Cebu and fast ferryboat to Tagbilaran. From Tagbilaran to dive site may take 1 hour either via sea transfer or road.
    Accommodation: Liveaboards or various beach resorts