Dive Sites

  • Bohol Dive Sites

    -Bohol is not only famous with its chocolate hills but it is also up with refreshing and amazing diving activities. Located in the Philippines, Bohol is a place where you can find different diving attractions that are great with beautiful spots and views. Sightseeing will do since it will already feed your sights with wonder but you would appreciate it the most when given a dive.

  • Arco Point (The Hole in The Wall)


    Aside from these famous dive sites in Bohol, Arco Point or most popularly known as the Hole in the wall, is a dive site that stands out from the est because of its amazing geographical features. You can reach the Arco Point by riding a small boat from Alona Beach. The site has a maximum depth of 80 feet and the average is 33 feet. The maximum visibility can reach 100 feet.

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  • Black Forest (Northeast Slope)

    Black Forest (Northeast Slope)

    There’s nowhere else to find a total world of marine landscapes of black corals compare to Black Forest’s spotless waters, a fascinating dive destination from the Balicasag Island coast to the south of Bohol’s Panglao Island.

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  • Cevera Shoal

    Cevera Shoal

    Cervera Shoal is another diving sanctuary in the rich and famous province of Bohol. Specifically, the site is located at about 646 km from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and at approximately 17 km away from Tagbilaran, the port along the southern islet of Bohol province.

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  • Duljo Point

    Duljo Point

    Duljo Point is another great dive site located in the southwest point of the beautiful and rich island of Panglao. It is famous for giving an excellent drift diving experience to anyone who takes risk to try it.

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  • Kalipayan


    One of Bohol’s prides is its abundant marine life. Aside from that, divers would love the place because of numerous dive sites that will provide a perfect experience. One of the best dive sites in Bohol is the Kalipayan Dive Site. Experience the beauty of its underwater life and enjoy the experience.

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  • Napaling


    Bohol is a famous place in the Philippines where anyone can experience such a great dive. It is consisted of the finest dive sites in the Philippines which make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

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  • Pungtud Wall

    Pungtud Wall

    Located off the coast of Doljo, Panglao, Puntod Island is a famous dive haven known for its spectacular fish life, splendid slope dives and fabulous coral walls. Here you’ll find nothing but marvelous, trouble free and shallow dive sites. The sites are also good for snorkeling especially when the weather condition is ideal.

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  • Rico’s Wall (Southwest Wall)

    Rico’s Wall (Southwest Wall)

    Southwest Wall or mostly known as Rico’s Wall is a deep drop-off wall within the southwest part of Balicasag Island in Bohol. It is a world class snorkeling and dive destination that can be reached through a pump boat at around 30 minutes from either Belleview Rock Resort or Alona Beach within Panglao Island.

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  • Rudy’s Rock (Southeast Wall)

    Rudy’s Rock (Southeast Wall)

    Rudy’s Rock is nestled at one of the many cluster dive points within the southeast region of Balicasag Island, Bohol. Along with Black Forest, Rico’s Wall, Cathedral, and Puntod, Rudy’s Rock is a progeny which belongs to a family of amazing dive spots in the vicinity of Balicasag Island, the main island. It is about 12 kilometers from Belleview Rock Resort around 30 minutes transfer via motorized boat.

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